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Refill Packs ~

  238-06 Donut Refill Pack

Refill pack of 5 semi-hard plastic "donuts".

Great to have on hand as replacement parts for toys that originally had these parts...these also work well as stand alone foot toys or as additions on cage bars!

Measures:  2-1/2" diameter with 7/8" opening (each donut)

Retail Price:  $2.50




 261-07 Paper Tape Refills, regular (2 pack)

This refill pack contains 2 rolls of standard cash register tape to refill the Paper Tape Dispenser, small.  If you catch the need for paper replacement, the toy will last a long time.

Paper roll measures:  2-1/4" wide x 130' long

Retail Price:  $2.75


155-04 Spike Ball Refill Pack

This bag of 24 hardwood spike pins is great to have on hand...they really extend the life of the popular Spike Ball.  Just snap replacement spikes into the ball before your feathered friend starts to chew the ball! 

These are not your "everyday clothespins"...the wood is very hard, and the heads of the pins are shaped specifically to work extremely well with the Spike Ball...

Retail Price:  $5.00


248-07 Snap ‘N Click Refill Pack


Refill pack of Snap 'N Click sticks for toys that have these parts...great to have on hand to extend the life of a toy or use as stand alone foot toys!  These sticks are semi-hard plastic and jointed to snap and click.  The pack contains 12 sticks with 8 links each.

Measures:  3-1/2" long x 1/2" wide (each stick)

Retail Price:  $3.99

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