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New Birdy Gear ~

Below are exciting new additions to the Bizzy Birdy Playthings line of toys!
They are listed here to draw attention to their recent creation and availability...they are also listed on the size appropriate pages for your shopping convenience...

  292-08 Jolly Jiggler, small


This durable toy takes advantage of the tried and true love that birds have for playing with plastic chain.  A cluster of four rugged plastic chains (1" ring links) provides great movement interest for small to medium size birds.  They are topped off with a solid vinyl smiley face head, textured star rings, semi-hard plastic hat and marbella bead.


Measures:  11-3/4" long x 2-3/4" wide

Retail Price:  $12.99

   282-08 Hula Frog
   151-04 Pin Ball
    324-11 Bagel Bonanza
   327-11 Bagel Bonanza, swag
   312-10 Paper Tape Dispenser, economy version 
   322-10 Tilt 'N Twirl
   313-10 Foraging Friend Dangler
   325-11 Donut Dangler
   318-10 Lumberjack Stick Server
   319-10 Stick Dispenser
   320-10 Junk Mail Holder
   326-11 Timber Twist
   321-10 Treat Spoon, small
  More listings are added frequently...
please check back often and thanks for your interest! 
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