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Miscellaneous Birdy Gear ~


222-05 Survival Kit Fridge Magnet


This unique fridge magnet is a must have for anyone who has parrots, birds or pets...great gift idea for that special parrot owner too!

The small kraft bag contains each item that is listed on the sentiment tag that is tied to the front.  A strong button magnet on the back makes this a functional addition to the kitchen.

READS (selected style specific):

Parrot Owner's Survival Kit


AN ERASER - So you can make

all of your mistakes disappear.

A PENNY - So you will

never have to say, "I'm broke".

A MARBLE - So no one can ever say,

"You've lost all your marbles".

A RUBBER BAND - So you can

stretch yourself beyond your limits.

A STRING - So you can tie

things together when everything

seems to be falling apart.

A KNOT - So you have something to hang onto when you reach the end of your rope.

A PIECE OF CHALK - So you can

chalk things up to experience.

~ AND ~

A HUG & A GRIN - To remind you that...

someone, somewhere shares

your parrot devotion!

Measures:  4-1/2" long x 3" wide

Available in your choice of three style types:

Parrot Owner, Bird Owner or Pet Owner...

Retail Price:  $4.99

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