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Large Birdy Gear ~

This section lists toys that are generally considered appropriate for large size birds (Amazons through Macaws)...depending on YOUR bird, some of these toys may also be good choices for medium size birds...please e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding size considerations...

101-04 Bizzy Bells, large

This bell dangler toy has proven quite popular...the birds love them and they are quite long lasting.  More than just an ordinary bell toy, three nickel plated bells are hung strategically from a doubled-over length of durable plastic chain.  This creates a unique hanging configuration that adds interest and motion.

Measures:  12" long x 4" wide 
*each bell is 3" x 2-1/2" & plastic chain has 2" links

The large version of this toy is generally recommended for Amazon and Grey size birds...please evaluate which Bizzy Bell toy is right for YOUR bird based on the bell size!

Retail Price:  $9.99


159-04 Dice Dangler, large

Three huge 1-1/2" hard plastic dice and three 2-1/2" Marbella rings hanging from sturdy nickle plated chain provide long lasting motion and rattle fun for your large birds…this is a heavy and durable toy…very popular with Macaws and Cockatoos!

Measures:  12" long x 4" wide

Retail Price:  $18.99


263-07 Donut Delight

This fun toy features a hard plastic chain base that is made up of 3 large and durable links that each measure 4" x 2-1/2"!  The chain hangs from a large plastic geo link and is PACKED FULL of semi-hard plastic donuts--a proven chew favorite with most medium to large birds!  The donuts fit snug on the chain links, but can be pulled off by your bird for individual attention.  This dangle toy offers a lot of color and rattle interest!

Measures:  12" long x 4" wide

Great for Amazons and Greys through Macaws and CockatoosDonut Refill Packs are available to increase the life of the toy!

Retail Price:  $18.99


135-04 Spike Ball 

This activity ball has a lot of visual interest and chewing appeal.  24 hardwood clothespins stud a rugged softball size wiffle ball and just beg your bird to grab hold and chew.  A large liberty bell adds ringing fun.  These last a long time if you replace the clothespins before the ball gets chewed.  Proven to be a big hit especially with Greys and Alexandrines!

Measures:  12" long x 9" wide

Retail Price:  $15.99

* refill packs are available...please see Refill Pack Page for details.


196-05 Chunky Chew Dangler 

This long lasting and rugged toy is great for medium to large birds!  A double pyramid capped bar is made of pet-safe rubber and contains 2 hardwood alphabet blocks and plastic texture links that provide lots of entertainment.  The heavy duty nickel plated chain is loaded with 2 large Marbella beads and a disc of thick leather...these slide up and down freely on the chain and add a lot of interest for your bird...definitely a favorite with Amazons and Cockatoos!

Measures:  10" long x 6" wide

Retail Price:  $16.99


176-04 Cube Cluster 

This bulky toy is a hit with Macaws and Cockatoos through Greys and Amazons!  A cluster of 6 alphabet block barbells is strung through a sturdy 3" plastic chain.  Each block is 1-3/4" square and made of hardwood.  There is a lot of clacky noise and motion here in addition to the chewing attraction.

Measures:  13" long x 9" wide

Retail Price:  $18.99


203-05 Foraging Ball, large

Foraging is a natural activity for birds, and the Foraging Ball is a great way to add foraging to your bird's daily activities!  A durable semi-hard 4" slotted wiffle ball is the base of this toy.  The slots are large enough to be stuffed with paper, marbles, cotton ropes or treats...wahtever your bird likes best.  The slots are also a nice size for your bird to see what's inside and attempt to get it out.  The Marbella beads on top add weight to counterbalance the foraging activity.  The plastic chain links added to the slots add color, chewing and rattle interest.

Measures:  12" long x 4" wide

Retail Price:  $12.99


191-04 Pipe Bell, large  

This powder coated steel pipe bell is very durable and even holds up for Cockatoos and Macaws.  The hard plastic Geo shapes added to the bell's chain add gripping and chewing interest for your bird's noise making enjoyment!

Measures:  12" long x 2" wide  



Retail Price:  $11.99 


139-04 Stuff-It, large

This hanging cone is made of resiliant pet-safe rubber.  It is ideal for stuffing with treats, pieces of cotton rope, or wads of paper.  VERY rugged and long lasting!  A great foraging toy--Excellent choice for Macaws and Cockatoos!

Measures:  13" long x 3-1/2" wide

Retail Price:  $15.99


130-04 Row ‘O Rings 

This toy was inspired by an abacus, and the row of nine Marbella rings of diminishing size offer your bird a lot of rattling fun.  The rings are hung on a durable nylon dowel and have three large marbella beads, a large plastic spinner shape, and large liberty bell as accents.  This is a hefty and rugged toy.

Reported to be a favorite with Goffin Cockatoos!

Measures:  13" long x 8" wide

Retail Price:  $19.99

223-05 Crazy Clacker, large


This durable toy provides a lot of color, noise and motion activity and is quite popular with the medium to large birds.  A vertical row of thick Marbella donut beads is suspended on a heavy duty nickel plated chain.  These beads slide up and down freely on the chain and make a nice clacking noise.  The chain if fairly long to provide room for the beads to slide up and down.  A huge Marbella bead on the bottom of the toy provides weight and stability to the toy and a vinyl hand shape dangle at the bottom encourages grasping and chewing activity.

Measures:  14" long x 3" wide 

Retail Price:  $15.99


290-08 Jolly Jiggler, large  

This durable toy takes advantage of the tried and true love that birds have for playing with plastic chain.  A cluster of four rugged plastic chains (2" links) with a larger center chain (3" links) provides great movement interest for medium to large size birds.  The chains are topped off with a semi-hard plastic smiley face and accessories.  The head has a wooden bead inside for rattle effect. 



Measures:  16" long x 4" wide

Retail Price:  $17.99

254-07 HUGE Link Chain Dangler



This dangle chain toy is made up of 5 HUGE chain links and hangs from a 2-1/2" Marbella ring and heavy duty quick link.  Each link measures in at a whopping 6" long x 3" wide x 1" thick!  The links are hollow and made of hard plastic that is not brittle.  This is a great dangle toy for any Macaw or Cockatoo cage as there is a lot of motion and rattle noise when played with.  Definitely a good "agression toy" for the bigger birds!

Measures:  24" long x 3" wide

Retail Price:  $17.99







262-07 Challenger


This toy has a very durable base of plastic chain that hangs from a large and durable geo-shape link instead of a quick link...each link of the base chain measures in at a huge 4" long x 2-1/4"wide...solid and tough!  For added interest and stimulation, 3 hard plastic Nut and Bolt Puzzles and 3 cotton rope bones with plastic donut rings added are inserted in alternating links.  There is a lot of concentration interest here as well as chewing, motion and rattling pleasure.  It will take even a smart bird quite a while to dismantle and remove the components of this toy, but even then the length of durable chain will remain and can be reloaded with toys or played with as is.  This is a great toy for the Macaws and Cockatoos!

Donut Refill Packs are available to increase the life of the toy!

Measures:  19" long x 5" wide

Retail Price:  $26.99

294-08 Bizzy Binky Dangler, large


This is a substantial and durable toy that large birds will really enjoy!  The base of this toy is four thick plastic chain links that measure a large 4" per link.  The chain is loaded up with a variety of durable components that shake and rattle.  A huge rubber pacifer (6") with two clacker rings completes the toy. 



Measures:  20" long x 3" wide

Retail Price:  $24.99

293-08 Pull 'N Slide, large  

This is a hefty and durable toy that Macaws and other large birds will really appreciate!  The components are all durable semi-hard plastics and vinyls that are long lasting even for ambitious chewers.  The plastic chain (2" links) is threaded through a huge charm and pulls back and forth freely. 



Measures:  24" long x 8" wide

Retail Price:  $24.99

277-07 Fiesta Frenzy, large


Two rugged softball size wiffle balls are stuffed with festive colored paper shreds in this new twist on the foraging concept.  Your large birds will love trying to keep hold of the balls to tear out the shreds!  Some birds prefer to gingerly remove the shreds while others prefer to destroy the balls in the process.  Either way, there is a lot of color, motion and texture interest in this toy.  The two lengths of tough plastic chain are covered with sections of textured soft plastic tubing to add even more chewing interest.  The two semi-hard plastic shapes on top of each ball provide gripping and chewing interest.


Measures:  18" long x 6" wide  

Retail Price:  $15.99











269-07 Critter Crunchies


This toy has a lot of motion and chewing interest for medium to large size birds. Six discs of natural, untreated fiber are strung through 3" link plastic chain using 1/4" natural, untreated sisal rope.  Twelve hardwood balls add color interest, and  the hard plastic animal head of the toy contains a wooden bead for lots of rattling noise.

This toy is definitely dual purpose--constructed of both short lived and durable parts that provide immediate and longer term enjoyment for your bird.  After the shreddable parts have been chewed off, your bird will be left with an animal head rattle that supports a length of durable plastic chain...the chain links are great for stuffing with leafy vegatables or rolled up junk mail/newspaper for continued foraging interest!

Measures:  18" long x 7" wide

Retail Price:  $17.99






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