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Bizzy Birdy Playthings are wonderful.  I use them with the older birds to the youngest, from macaw size to finch . The different textures, shapes and the bright colors keep all my birds interested and playing.  Every baby I sell goes home with a bird toy from Barry!

Glenda Pullum -  Arvada, CO

We have bought from Barry, and think his toys are wonderful! He has so many different styles, uses different materials, large variety of textures, colors, sizes, etc. We use his toys for all of our birds, from budgies to macaws. They all love them!!!!  Truly something for everyone. He seems to always be coming up with new, inventive, designs, that other vendors do not have.

Iris & Tim Clark - Brighton, CO

Barry's toys are just what he calls them, "Bizzy Birdy Playthings", as that is the result when we buy his toys. Our birds love these toys, and what is great is Barry makes unique toys for every size bird. The price can't be beat either!  We have at least one of his toys in every one of our bird cages.

Lee & Zyanna Simmons - Northglenn, CO 

What I love about these toys is their simplicity, yet each toy has so much interest to offer my birds.  I actually have an Amazon that plays very daintily with the cockatiel size toys. I love the color stimulation, and also am pleased with the wide selection--especially for the smaller birds. In each of my carriers I have the unique glow-in-the-dark chains hung horizontally with toys hanging off them so the birds have something to keep them busy while traveling.

Carol Blank - Colorado Springs, CO 

All of my birds, from teeny tiny to larger birds love Barry's toys.  They are very reasonably priced, original designs, and the best part is that they last.  Barry's booth is always my first toy shopping choice and every time I visit, there are new designs to choose from.  Make sure you check his inventory often for new items and good deals!  I highly recommend Bizzy Birdy Playthings and so do my birds!

Olivia Kong - Englewood, CO

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