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Welcome to -- your online source for Bizzy Birdy Playthings!

It is my goal with Bizzy Birdy Playthings to provide your avian companions with unique toys that are safe, interesting and affordable.  Each of the toys offered here is handmade by local assemblers and all designs are of my own creation.  I strive to maximize bird interest by utilizing unique parts that provide an enticing combination of color, texture and motion in each toy...

This website is updated periodically and is intended to serve as an online catalog for both retail sales to the public and also wholesale sales to qualified retailers...

Please use the buttons on the left to navigate the site...the upper buttons are for retail shoppers and the lower "W" buttons are for approved wholesale customers.

Feedback and questions are always welcome:

Well folks it certainly has been a rather tumultuous 2016 for me,
and therefore, Bizzy Birdy Playthings too!

I am happy to say I believe the worst of the relocation craziness is behind me, and I am finally feeling settled in the new house with toy shop and am getting things back on track...  

Below is a photo of part of the new toy shop with an order being gathered for shipping after the first of the year, so guess things are looking up!  

I thank all of you for your support and interest in Bizzy Birdy Playthings over the last 14 years [WOW]…
and definitely for your patience with me over
the last 6-8 months during the relocation from CO to PA!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017 filled with
health, happiness, prosperity and happy birds!!!

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